Kathryn Anderson

Tucker and Wes Andrews

Nancy and Jack Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baggett

Corinna and Ed Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. William Barnett

Mary and Julian Bossong

Jean Boyles

Margaret and Ted Bratton

Betsy Brewer

Claudia and Gordon Brown

Ge' Brogden

Mr. and Mrs. G. Hadley Callaway

Caroline and Brad Carr

Nancy Clement

Beth Crane

Diane and Vartan Davidian

Hunter and Josh Diamond

Anna Dorsett

Margaret and Rans Douglas

Mishew and Chip Edwards

Rose and Duke Finley 

Ginger Finley

Susan and Tom Fisher

Jane and Pat Fleming

Bettie Goodwin

Caroline Haley

Carson and Burt Harden

Marguerite and James Hardy

E. Burke Haywood

Nancy Haywood

Ken and Martha Howard

Earl Johnson

Ran and Joan Johnston

Coles and Reid Jones

Grace Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Frank King

Priscilla Gilliam Laite

Stephen Later

Ashley and Jack Lloyd

Ginny and Dick McKay

Katie and Shepp McKenzie

Elizabeth and Joseph McOwen

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mahoney

Lyn Maness

Jean Martin

Molly and Mark Masich

Sara May

Gary and Marie Mickey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neely

Kennedy O’Herron

Mr. and Mrs. Winston Page, Jr.

Fair Pickel

Nancy Pleasants

Sydnor and Lacy Presnell

Suzy Purrington

Marsha and David Ragsdale

Amanda and Bobby Ramseur

Robbin Richardson

Ralph and Francine Roberson

Elizabeth and George Smith

Leigh and Montie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith

Frances and William Smyth

Caroline and Richard Stirling

Caroline Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Smedes York

Laura Willer and David Huffstetler

Eddie and Libby Winstead

Elizabeth and Clark Womack

Mary Brent Wright

Tommy Long and Stewart Woodard

Armor Investment Advisors, LLC

Greg Paul Builders

Williams Realty and Building Company

Cumberland County Committee

Mecklenberg County Committee

New Hanover Committee

Rowan County Committee

A Peck

Beth and Jay Alley, Jr

John Bratton

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bullock

Angela Dillard

Anne Faircloth and Fred Dufour

Nancy Haywood

Patt Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Maddison

Anne and John Mitchell

Alice and Wayne Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scott

Kane Realty

                    A Hug Around the Neck

Mickie Alexander

Blanche Bacon

Linda and Rob Grew

Jennie Hayman

Dr. and Mrs. Hubert Haywood

Nora Hutton Shepard

Bell Family Foundation

Diversified Commercial Services, LLC

First Citizens Wealth Management

Wake Stone